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We are in partnership with several TV Channel companies in sharing exclusive rates for Independent or combined advertising. Twilight’s experienced TV advert makers will support you to target your audiences and create a real opening to the wider world. Twilight has the drive to reach specific and targeted audiences from the wider multi cultural and diverse communities around the world. We can produce adverts for the market audiences in different languages.

Process for an Advertising Campaign:
TOAL is continuing to expand advertising opportunities and is always looking to introduce innovative ideas and concepts for our advertisers.

TOAL provides support to any of the selected campaigns either in Billboards, Taxi, Van or television in the initial concept to well thought of end product for our advertisers. We want to work with our advertisers in maximising your reach and promotion of your quality brand name.

Taxi Advert offer the most eye catching traditional design advertising to more exuberant depending on your production budgets.

Use TOAL’s In-House Creative House
TOAL’s In house creative design, expertise and experience offer the tailor made and distinct services for each of our clients. We aim to maximise your reach and leave a long lasting visual impression of your campaign. Our experience is enhancing and our learning is in continued transition to make sure every campaign has the refreshing thoughts and impact for our advertisers.
Use Your Own Designers
If you wish to use an existing advert or have an in house designer then that is fine, we will support and guide you on the specifications required for any campaign and proceed with the printing.
Exploration Brief and Initial Meeting
We seek a brief outline of your advertising requirements and objectives.This can be discussed with us, either on the phone, e- mail or in person. Once the initial outline of the requirements are set, we will fully initiate the options and put our proposal forward.
Once we have a firm idea of your needs, we will research and utilise our experience to suit your requirements. Taxi Advert undertakes great deal of research in creative techniques, designing, formats, and length of time, impact and value for money.
Flexibility in Design
Taxi Advert consults our advertisers directly along the way to ensure their satisfaction with the direction of our planning. We base our involvement with the wishes of our clients as much or as little during their inception to the overall end product of the project. We will play with innovative ideas, design several different proposals for your consideration in the early stages, ensuring you retain a key role in the decision-making process and always have your say in the finished product.
Provisional and Final Drafts
TOAL will base provisional draft on your requirements and our own impact strategy and vision. We will submit provisional design concepts and final drafts for your comments and approval.
We will inform you of the costs and discuss with you of any extras such as sourced images. You will be kept informed and involved in the overall process to whatever degree you require.
Twilight can be relied upon to work to your deadlines. From the point of consultation, we can have your advertisement running on our taxis in as little as 6 weeks.
Once you have booked your advertising campaign, we will project manage the entire process and lead you through each stage, making sure that you are happy with each aspect before we move on. The following process is summarised for your benefit.
Stage 1
Your design has been signed off and is ready to go to print.
Stage 2
We will liaise with one of our regular contracted printers who are specialists in large format printing such as 200 square foot posters.
Stage 3
Once the Printing is produced, we make sure the poster goes to the installers for them to install at the designated places. We will send you a confirmation of this along with some images of your advert.